Friday, January 12, 2018

Cory Taylor- Class of 2012

WELCOME TO BENZIE COUNTY CENTRAL SCHOOLS FEATURED FRIDAY ALUMNI. Today, we would like to recognize 2012 Benzie Central graduate, Cory Taylor. Take a moment to read about Cory’s accomplishments, and the journey he continues to navigate to reach his dream. Cory graduated from Benzie Central in 2012. He attended the Benzie Central school district for all of his schooling, starting at Platte River and then moving to Lake Ann Elementary during the grand opening when he was in first grade. While at Benzie Central, Cory participated in football, basketball and the National Honors Society. After graduation, he began his undergrad studies at Michigan State University the following fall with an early intention to eventually enter in to the field of medicine. While there, Cory participated in evolution and development research and volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club. During his summers home back in beautiful Benzie County, his work included landscaping with Mr. Kennedy (current JV boys’ basketball coach) among other things and he continued his pursuit of medicine by volunteering at Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital in Frankfort. Within four years, Cory earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from the Honors College at Michigan State University. At that point, he decided to take a year off prior to starting medical school and received great work exposure to the medical field in a clinic in East Lansing. Currently, Cory is a first-year medical student attending Michigan State University College of Human Medicine where he will earn a Medical Doctorate (M.D.) degree in 2021.
He resides in Grand Rapids with fellow Benzie Central graduate and longtime partner, Courtney Worden. The College of Human Medicine has multiple campuses with Cory’s being located on the “medical mile” in downtown Grand Rapids, in close proximity to Spectrum Health. Currently medical school includes lots of basic science (physiology/microbiology/pharmacology/pathology), time in clinics seeing patients, practicing with simulated patients, and anatomy lab. After graduation and with the completion of his Medical Doctorate, Cory plans to pursue a residency in a surgical field.
Cory shared this, “Many people talk about how long furthering your education can be and all of the difficulties that can be associated with that. The more I have matured, I have learned to enjoy the journey every day/week while working toward my goals. Advice that I wish I would have taken to heart at a younger age but has served me well now is this: Shoot for your dreams no matter how crazy and don’t be afraid to fail, surround yourself with people who help you become a better person, and find something you’re so passionate about that you never want to stop learning more.”
Go Huskies! Go Green!
Thank you for sharing, Cory. The sky is the limit for you. We are so very #OneBENZIE proud of your "passion to learn more!"
You absolutely know how Mrs. Crossman, love and share!


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