Friday, January 26, 2018

Jason Flynn - Class of 1997

WELCOME TO BENZIE COUNTY CENTRAL SCHOOLS FEATURED FRIDAY ALUMNI. Today we would like to recognize class of 1997 Alumni, Jason Flynn. Take a moment to read about Jason's incredible story as he chases his passion, giving some great insight on the secret to happiness.
Jason graduated from Benzie Central in 1997. After graduation, he deferred his traditional fall entrance to college, in lieu of a chance to move to Colorado and pursue snowboarding.
Circumstances beyond his control, brought him back home to Benzie County after a couple months, and he started school at Northwestern Michigan University in the winter of 1998.
Jason spent the next two and half years attending NMC part time, while teaching snowboarding at Crystal Mountain Resort, and working various summer jobs ranging from bike mechanic to boat/jet ski rental technician.
In the fall of 2001, he took a part time sales job, driving locally made gourmet food products to holiday markets and grocery expos around the country. This was his first foray into real world sales, and it was on one of those sales trips he found himself back in Colorado where he connected with a friend in Aspen who offered Jason an avenue to come back to snowboarding professionally in one of the world’s most notorious markets.
In February 2002, Jason officially moved to Aspen to teach snowboarding on Aspen mountain, while he was working in a snowboard shop as the general manager. It was during that first year, that he met his friends turned business partners, and together in 2003, they would found High Society Freeride company; a business dedicated to designing, sourcing and distributing a unique mix of sporting goods, outdoor and lifestyle products to markets all over the world. Jason Flynn, Co-Founder; High Society Freeride Co. Aspen, CO-(International creator and supplier of outdoor sporting goods and lifestyle brand, EST. 2003)
Jason has been working within High Society Freeride, wearing all the hats of an entrepreneur for the past 15 years. His day to day responsibilities include sales and marketing to customer service and product conceptualization, research and design, sourcing, testing and distribution, as well as investor relations, business strategy, account management and financial analysis. Awards and accolades that Jason has picked up and earned along the way are: Emerging business of the year through the Aspen Chamber 2007, Outside Magazine Gear of the Year (snowboards) for 2014 and 2015, Freeskier Magazine editor’s choice (skis) for 2013, 2014, and 2015, Locals Choice (snowboards) Westword Magazine 2016 (Denver), and Skiing Magazine gold medal (skis) for 2015.
In his personal time, Jason enjoys spending time with his little family in Woody Creek, playing ice hockey, golf, snowboarding, and bow hunting. He spends a few weeks a year in Benzie county, usually in the summers, where his family still resides in Benzonia.
Jason is proud to say that after a 16-year hiatus, he completed his Associates degree from NMC, in the fall of 2017, stating better late than never. He believes that the secret to happiness is to stay curious and to keep learning. Time is your most precious resource and optimizing your time for the most impact is paramount to being organized, productive and to be less stressed in a busy life. Jason’s current favorite quote to date is this, “No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time. All you got is life time ..GO”-Henry Rollins.
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Jason we are without a doubt #OneBENZIE proud of your full circle journey and your pursuing your passion. Continued success to you and High Society Freeride.
You know how Mrs. Crossman, love, share, and perhaps even consider some High Society snowboarding!

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